Klein Tools Pass-Thru™ Modular Crimper

Klein Tools Pass-Thru™ Modular Crimper

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Pass-Thru™ Modular Crimper

  • Fast, reliable modular crimp-connector installation for voice and data applications
  • All-in-one tool cuts, strips and crimps paired-conductor cables (round STP/UTP and flat-satin phone cables)
  • Crimps RJ11/RJ12 standard modular connectors and crimps and trims Klein Tools RJ45 Pass-Thru™ Connectors
  • Full-cycle ratchet mechanism ensures complete connector termination
  • Cable parameters: 28-22 AWG flat or round; solid or stranded telephone and data
  • Trims flush to end face of connector to eliminate unintended contact between conductors
  • On-tool wiring guide helps minimize wiring errors
  • Not for use with standard (non-pass through) connectors
  • Use with Klein Tools Pass-Thru™ Connectors: VDV826-728, VDV826-729, VDV826-702, VDV826-703, VDV826-763
  • Replacement blades available (VDV999-076)


  • Overall Length:  6-3/32'' (154.8 mm)
  • Handle Color:  Yellow/Black
  • Handle Finish:  Dual Material Cushion Overlay
  • Position/Pair/Conductors:  4, 6, and 8-position RJ11/RJ12 Standard
  • Crimps:  RJ11/RJ12 Standard; Klein Tools Pass-Thru™ Connectors
  • Cuts & Strips:  STP/UTP and Flat Satin Phone Cable
  • Weight:  0.90 lb (0.41 kg)